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Effortless Motion Media are a group of professional video creators with various Industry experience.

Andy and Mitch set up Effortless Motion Media in 2015 to offer our clients a truly personalised video creation service.

Our bespoke video service starts with a free no obligation consultation with the team that will be producing your video. Our policy of direct client contact with our creative team ensures regular updates, developments and enquiry services.

We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch and let us help you create something special.

Mitch Jackson
Founder and Boss man

Mitch likes to work in the shadows like some kind of post production super hero. Relentless in his fight for video perfection he uses his design, sound engineering and editing superpowers to wow everyone.

Andy Nieland
Co-Founder and Sidekick

Every self respecting super hero needs a sidekick so Andy comes in with some nifty camera work and the ability to fly (with a drone) He’s most likely to pick up the phone or answer an email . When people call for enquiries.

Head of Welcoming Staff

Ren keeps the EMM lair safe when we’re out. So far his only known power is being super cute and friendly. He’s extremely enthusiastic and wants to help wherever possible but his lack of opposable thumbs are his undoing.


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